What are the pieces made of?

All Lasting Impression fingerprint keepsakes are made using pure 99.9% silver or 22 karat yellow gold.  All chains and findings are made using sterling silver or18 karat yellow gold.  There is NO nickel in any of the metal used.

What is the turn around time for creating a personalized fingerprint keepsake or a custom piece? 

Once the order is received is takes 2-3 days to ship out.  Once the used fingerprint kits arrive at our studio, the finished personalized fingerprint pieces are shipped out within a week of receiving them in the studio.  

Are the fingerprint moulds kept on file?

No, we do not keep any fingerprint moulds.  When they are received, they are cured and turned into a plastic piece and are shipped back with the finished personalized fingerprint pieces.  The fingerprint mould can be used in the future.  This is a comfort to know incase a keepsake was ever lost.  The mould is the original and can be used to create pieces in the future.  

Can a personalized fingerprint keepsake be created from an ink or digital print?

Typically yes.  If this is something you are interested in using, please email a scanned copy to info@solitudeandsoul.com and we can see if it would be usable.  

Are cremated remains needed at the time of creation?

Yes, the cremated remains are fired right with the metal.  Only a tiny amound is needed and encorporated into the piece.