About Me

How it all came to be...

It was 2007 and after going through a turbulent time trying to figure out who I was and what the heck I was supposed to be doing in my life this little idea landed in my lap and my path was right in front of me.  Here is the story... 

I was in a slump, I was a young single mom of a beautiful boy, and floundering in who I was and who I wanted to be.   I had quit my corporate job with no real plan of what I was going to do with faith that something would come up.  All the while I began creating jewellery, and a friend suggested I become a vendor at the Regina Farmers Market.  This is what I did.  I battled the winds down Scarth Street while my earring cards flew off my table and learned just how tough this gig would be.  It was a great success, and I learned so much.  My work always had carried an inspirational message and people began to request customized sayings, words and names on the jewellery.  I brainstormed and reached out to a very sweet soul who was also a local metalsmith and she took my hand and guided me.  She showed me the ropes.  

With my new found knowledge I began creating in different mediums.  One night while creating, I realized that I could see my fingerprint in the metal.  I had this idea that I would go the following day and take my Grandpa's fingerprint.  He was a traditional man and many of my ideas got a rise and a chuckle out of him, this was no exeption.  That very next day I went for  a visit and I took his fingerprint.  I took 8 that day, one for myself and one for my Dad and his 6 siblings.  My Grandpa passed just days after this.  It was not until he was gone and I had these tangible pieces of him for his children that I realized just how special they were.  This was the thing that landed in my lap, and I had the choice to either run with this and make him proud or I let is slip right by.

It has now been almost 12 years and this gift I am able to offer families is so precious to me.  These little keepsakes hold so much meaning.  Whether it is a mother who wears the print of her daughter as she heads off to kindergarten or the mother who lost her son to cancer.  My work represents life, from birth all the way to the very end of life.  My work is personal, it is timeless and it just holds so much love and meaning.  

I love what I do, I am grateful for this life and this opportunity to follow the path that was laid for me.

With Gratitude,