Solitude & Soul Turns 10!!!

As I celebrate all that Solitude & Soul has given, taught and graced my life with, I find myself in a bit of awe.  I say this not because I have started a company and it has lasted to the pivitol 10 year mark but because my people have stuck with me for the entire 10 years.  It is overwhelming to me to think of the thousands of people who wear my work daily and the deep deep meaning each pieces holds for them. 
This company has always been about more than just wearing something pretty.  I have and continue to strongly believe that you should fill your life with things that bring you joy, things that anchor you in who you are, what your values are and what you stand for.  My goal from the begining has been to create something of value, something that brings comfort to people.  As my work spreads accross the lifespan, it has been an honour to be the first stop going home from the hospital with a brand new baby because capturing them at that moment was so so very important and even more so when it was one of that last things done for someone on this earth for loved ones to treasure long after they are gone.  This goal, for me and my heart I can say I have achieved. I moved into the next decade of this journey I will continue to do what I do and what I have done for the last decade. 
I can not thank you for your support over these last 10 and cherish the ongoing. My goal for the next 10 is to spread the word of my work.  It breaks my heart when folks come to me and say they wished they had the option or had known about the Lasting Impressions before it was too late.  My goal is to spread the heck out of this work as I believe it is special, meaningful and valuable to so many, especially during a grieving process. 
If you have a Lasting Impression already and you love it, tell someone, share it on social media, or send me a testimonial.  If you would like to share your piece and what it means to you, feel free to share in a review on our Facebook Page.  Follow us on instagram @solitudeandsoul and share the heck out of every single post.  Word of mouth has since day one been my biggest and strongest mode of marketing, and I am so so so grateful for that. So......share what you love.
With So Much Love & Gratitude,